“The Gospel is not just the A‐B‐C’s but the A to Z of Christianity. The Gospel is not just the minimum required doctrine necessary to enter the kingdom, but the way we make all progress in the kingdom.” –Tim Keller

We are called the Gospel Church because it epitomizes our mission: to proclaim Jesus and make disciple-making disciples.

The word ‘gospel’ means many things to different people. To us, it is everything. It is in our name because God’s glorious redemptive work has captivated us. To know nothing but Christ and Him crucified is more than a bible verse to us. While there are plenty of good ideas out there, nothing comes close to the gospel message of Jesus’ life, death, resurrection, current reign and coming return.  

We are discovering that all of life's questions can be answered in the same place, by the same Person.  We are learning what it means to live life with the grace that the gospel brings.  We are figuring out what relationships look like when we start to look at each other with the eyes God has for us.  It is true, the gospel really does change everything.  

The word ‘church’ has fallen out of vogue with plenty of denominations. Many churches are now named after non-descript nouns. It is important for us to be known as a church and so we put it in the name. We are a church because we are headed by Jesus, are saved by His atoning work, study the Scriptures and proclaim the gospel, work to obey Him together, practice Christian unity to honor Him and observe the ordinances that He left for us.

Our Story > > >
We started out meeting in a living room in the beginning of 2010. There was no church/organization sponsoring us, we were just a handful of people dreaming of being a church built on the gospel. From the beginning we set out to be a Spirit-led organic church plant, meaning we weren’t going to manipulate the process. For us, being obedient to Jesus was more important than organizational pragmatism. So we worked through John’s gospel for over a year getting to know our Senior Pastor—Jesus.

We didn’t take offerings for over nine months because we didn’t need to. When it came time to find a larger place to meet, God provided both the rental and the rent money. Jesus has led us throughout this entire birthing process.

We started because we needed to. Even though there were already tons of churches in the area, the Holy Spirit called us to consistently preach the straightforward gospel week-in-week-out. God formed a new church in us that would be gospel disciples and gospel missionaries—both here at home and abroad. We were born out of the call to set aside our preferences and agendas for the gospel’s sake. From the beginning our three-fold purpose is: to be a gospel church that will disciple and deploy people; to influence Christians already in local churches to be gospel-centered and stay where they are to the glory of God and the benefit of their church; and to stimulate a movement toward collaborative, effective gospel-centered partnerships among like-minded churches from the Central Coast.

"…so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name." ~John 20:31